7 Fun Facts About United States Olympic Basketball

Calling the United States a basketball superpower is an understatement. Since the sport's inclusion in the Summer Olympics since 1936 (for men's), the nation captured gold 14 out of 18 times and eight out of nine times in the women's division.  Basically, basketball is the U.S.'s sport to lose. That is why the United States Olympic basketball is a goldmine for fun facts and here are seven of them: 1. Coach K U.S. men's basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski is en route to first coach Read More

5 Disappointments In The 2016 NBA Summer League

I have just listed my surprise standouts in the 2016 NBA Summer League and now it's time to do the opposite and tally the disappointments. I may just be overreacting to some of them because I expected a lot more from these guys but that's the price to pay if you're picked at the top of the lottery. There you go, I spilled all the beans. Here are my 5 disappointments in the 2016 NBA Summer League: 1. Buddy Hield, SG, New Orleans Pelicans Hield was tabbed the most NBA ready out of ANY player Read More

Top 5 Surprises In The 2016 NBA Summer League

The 2016 NBA Summer League has just finished and if it's any indication, we will be having a nuclear year in 2016. While it's not a career compass by any means, the summer showcase gave us just enough to see how talented the next pool of players are. However, some have impressed more than others, and some of those "others" are doing their thing right out of the blue. Here are 5 best surprises in the 2016 NBA Summer League: 1. Thon Maker, PF, Milwaukee Bucks Never mind the age scandal, everyone Read More

Five Amazing NBA Stats Of The Day

Here's your dose of Five Amazing NBA Stats Of The Day: 1. Tom Chambers and Antawn Jamison What does the two former All-Stars and high-scorers have in common? They might be the only 20,000-point scorers in the NBA that may never see the Hall of Fame. Bonus: Chambers is the first-ever unrestricted free agent in league history 2. Regarding the latest NBA rule change... Adam Silver says they've calculated that Hack-a rule changes will reduce 45% of away-from-play fouls. — Baxter Holmes Read More

5 Awesome NBA Stats And Figures Of The Day

5 Awesome NBA Stats And Figures Of The Day 1. Ben Simmons' court vision is the real deal. Eight assists vs Lakers along with eight points and 10 rebounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFdKpDEguZc 2. Speaking of passing, Serbia has won the Belgrade OQT over Puerto Rico by assisting on every made field goal. 37 assists on 37 FGs! https://youtu.be/_ZAlktOxI00 3. Larry Nance Jr vs Sixers: 13 Pts, 7 Stls, 4 Blks, 4 Ast, 8 rebounds https://youtu.be/Osji3pHhhdM 4. Not exactly Mike Conley-esque Read More

2016 Fantasy Basketball: Which Big Free Agency Names Trend Up/Down After Signing New Contracts?

After a busy week of free agency, most of the dust has settled. Amidst the surprise signings and crazy figures, which big free agency names trend up or down in 2016 Fantasy Basketball after signing new contracts? Let's take a look at 10 of them: 1. Kevin Durant joins Golden State Warriors Stock: Down Perhaps the biggest free agency signing of the year, Kevin Durant decided to join forces with the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green. That's pretty good for KD's championship aspirations but Read More

Fantasy Impact Of Kevin Durant’s Signing With Warriors

After Kevin Durant announced he will be moving on and sign with the Golden State Warriors, that decision changes everything. Of course, it made the Dubs instant title favorites, Oklahoma City a second-tier squad, and in the words of one unnamed executive, everybody-- including LeBron James-- are playing for second place now. While Durant joining forces with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green made the Warriors the team to beat for the next couple of years (and possibly more if KD decides Read More