Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Braces: Our Top Picks And buying guide

So, you’re ready to ball on the court and break a couple of ankles but there’s just one problem, you have on ankle braces. When it comes to choosing a specific basketball shoe, it can be a difficult decision to make, given all of the different models and sizes but when you factor in an ankle brace, it can just make the decision that much harder.

In this guide, we’ll be not only covering how to spot the best basketball shoes for ankle braces but we’ll also give you the scoop on how to choose sneakers based on your play style and exactly what you need to look for to make sure you get the best shoe for your overall playstyle and taste.

The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Braces


MaterialSupports Outside



Nike Men’s Air Precision



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Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe

100% Other fibersYes$
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Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

100% SyntheticYes$
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Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap II Basketball Shoe

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Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III Basketball Shoe


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Nike Men’s Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe

The Nike Men’s Air Precision NBK Basketball Shoe are constructed with an padded ankle collar and a mid-top silhouette that offers not only comfortability but versatility for players. The included air unit that comes with these sneakers are designed to absorb hard landings and quick takeoffs. Not only are the Nike Air Precision’s comfortable but they are very stylish. A great shoe to war along with your ankle braces.


  • Comfortable
  • Offers great support
  • Shock absorbing properties
  • Made for both indoor and outdoor usage


  • Toe box is made different than previous models which some users did not like

Adidas Men’s Own The Game Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe brings a number of different advantages to the table in terms of having a shoe that can help increase your overall play. This sneaker has a leather upper which promotes support while the lace up entry allows your laces to stay nice and secure during rapid movements. The unique and highly effective traction pattern keeps your shoes gripped to the floor and the leather material makes them very easy to clean and maintain. A shoe that can assist with how you feel and move.


  • Easy to clean
  • Padded collar for extra support
  • A traction pattern that helps you achieve a great grip
  • Increases performance


  • Need to be broken in

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

The Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe is one of the best in its class when it comes to support and comfort. Like to drive in the paint? These can help you do that with the breathable and lightweight synthetic material that not only provides amazing support but gives off a responsive fit. These sneakers are also amazing at providing exceptional on-court movement because of its multi-level adaptive traction patterns and durable rubber outsole. A durable, stylish and lightweight basketball shoe that can be beneficial to the most skilled basketball players.


  • Very durable
  • Made from synthetic durable material
  • Responsive fit


  • Some users dislike the side molding
  • Runs a little small

Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap II Basketball Shoe

If you’re looking for sneakers that are made for those crazy handles, the Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap are a great option. The custom cushioning made with these shoes provide a responsive energy that works with you on the court not against you. The curved rubber outsole helps with traction and quick movements while the external heel clip provides extra support. You can be sure that your foot will stay protected when your performing your ankle breaking crossovers because of the flexible band that locks your foot in place.


  • Flexible band holds foot in place
  • Enhanced traction
  • Padded collar


  • Narrow
  • Sole starts out as stiff

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III Basketball Shoe

The Nike Men’s Lebron Witness III Basketball Shoe is an excellent shoe for basketball players because of its lightweight material that closely knits to your foot to provide maximum support. The encapsulated air-sole is responsible for cushioning daily impact, while the rubber outsole adds more traction, and the padded collar enhances the support to the overall shoe. A solid shoe that can handle current ankle braces and add that extra layer of reliability and support.


  • Lightweight upper
  • Air-sole runs all throughout the entire shoe
  • Increased traction


  • Not good for wide feet

4 Attributes To Consider When Choosing Basketball Shoes for Ankle Braces


Depending on what materials your shoe is made up of, will completely determine the overall durability and how much consistent movement and roughness that they can withstand. Durable sneakers are usually made up of a compound of tough material like synthetics, leather and mesh, which all raises the shoe’s durability.

While the material of your shoes should be tough, they should stay breathable and lightweight at the same time. If your shoe is not breathable, it can cause your foot to start to sweat which ultimately causes more instability which can lead to injury. Having basketball shoes made of soft rubber can cause similar problems like, holes in your shoes and a slick outsole, which can also both ultimately lead to injury.

While all materials play their role in the overall quality of a sneaker they each have their individual setbacks. Leather, while pretty durable, and supportive its also heavy. Finding a shoe that has a mixture of high-quality materials is a safe bet. Leather for support and durability, other materials like synthetics and mesh for the ventilation of the shoe.

A great pair of basketball shoes will be both lightweight, durable, supportive and allow for a great amount of air-flow at the same time, and not only provide you comfort but stability at the base of your shoe and the uppers as well.


Support is one of those things that can determine whether a certain move you make on the court will be a buzzer beater winner for you or lead to an injury. You’ll need all-around great support from your ankles to the soles of your feet. Different styles may offer more support in some areas than others. For example, high-tops provide better overall ankle support than low-tops, while low-tops allow for more flexibility. While every shoe should provide support the kind of support you choose will ultimately come down to your style of play and what you personally prefer.


This is probably one of the most important components when searching for a shoe to ball in. The fit of your shoe can determine the difference of playing comfortably out there on the court or being miserable. Sliding toes and twisted ankles is the result of having shoes that don’t fit. But the good thing about it all, is this can easily be avoided by just doing some due diligence and finding the exact size of shoe you need.So how tight should your shoes be? This comes down to the different sections of your shoe.

Toes – Dick’s Sporting Goods says that there should be enough space between your toes and the front of the shoe for you to be able to fully spread your toes and still be comfortable. Trying to play with your toes cramped up can lead to multiple issues like corns, ingrown toenails and blisters.

Heels – While your heel should be able to maintain a good range of motion, it should be snugged in your shoe. If your heel sliding up and down, thats too much space and it can lead to ankle injury. The space from the heel to the end of the shoe should be no more than a fingernail length.

Midsole – The midsole of the shoe is the area that covers the widest part of your feet, it should be a comfortable fit and you should not have very much movement in this area. The only part of this mid section that should be bending is where the ball of your foot is.


This is a very important attribute of your shoe as it is critical to you being able to conduct a number of movements that require stellar agility and quick change of directions and this is the main difference between indoor and outdoor shoes. With outdoor shoes you can expect for the tread pattern to be thicker because more traction is needed on outdoor surfaces rather than indoor surfaces. Traction will be more or less important also depending on the type of player you are. Do you like to drive a lot in the paint? Do you tend to toe-drag? If you do, traction will be much more beneficial for you to consider when choosing a shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Basketball Shoes Help You?

According to the Sports scientists at the University of Utah, a basketball player changes directions about every two seconds and with that kind of consistent jumping, start and stop movements and short sprints, you need a shoe that can keep up with these type of movements. Sneakers are made to absorb the constant shock that and provide much more stability than your average shoe.

Does Basketball Shoes Make A Difference In How You Play?

Yes, they do. Basketball shoes are made to not only be much more stable than causal shoes but they are also more durable as well. Also less commonly noticed things such as lacing and cushioning can help to greatly improve your ability to navigate the court.

Does Basketball Shoes Make You Taller?

Yes, in some cases basketball shoes can add a few inches to your height. You’ll find that typically the sneakers that are known to increase your height have thicker insoles. The insoles usually have a thin upper right beneath the athletes toes and a thicker padding that is about 1-2 inches that sits under the heel. You can expect to see up to an extra 2 inches added on to your height, with some shoes it can even be as high as 4 inches.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like wearing ankle braces for the style or if its stability you truly need, there are plenty of basketball shoes that you can wear that not only fit around your ankle braces but add to the overall stability of them.

When looking for the best basketball shoe for ankle braces you should keep an eye out for certain components such as the support of a shoe, the traction, the fit and material. All play a vital role in making sure that you achieve not just a comfortable fit, but that you ball in style.

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